Dr. Shahreen Mat Nayan

Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Media Studies

Short Biography

Dr. Shahreen Binti Mat Nayan is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Media Studies, University of Malaya. She obtained her PhD in Communication (Rhetoric) from the University of Denver, Colorado USA. Her dissertation explored comparative and non-violent rhetoric among ecofeminist movements. During her studies in Denver, Dr. Shahreen was a recipient of three research awards - Arts Humanities and Social Science Divisional Dissertation Fellowship (2011-2012), Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship for Inclusive Engagement (2011-2012), and Graduate Studies Doctoral Fellowship for Inclusive Excellence (2009-2010). In 2014, she received the Best Journal Article Award (under the Humanities and Social Science Category) from the Malaysian Scholarly Publication Council (MAPIM) – Ministry of Education Malaysia. In addition to comparative and non-violent rhetoric, Dr. Shahreen is also interested in research topics related to media studies and inclusivity. She is particularly interested to discover the ways in which rhetoric and/or the media can be used as tools to promote dialogue, peace, diversity and inclusiveness.

Title and Abstract

"Academic Civility: Where are we now?"

The topic of academic civility has been discussed from multiple perspectives. Deliberation on the topic has considered its relationship to issues such as teaching excellence, academic freedom, and democracy. However, most of these sources are written from a western lens. There exists space for literature on this topic from a non-western standpoint. Example of topics related to academic civility ranges from incidents of hate speech, classroom management, to student behavior or protocol. Although the topic of academic civility may not be a recent theme, its many layers of dialogue and even critique, calls for a closer look in the local context. This paper seeks to discuss the meaning and implications of academic civility by taking into consideration the Malaysian experience. The aim is to stimulate further dialogue on the topic.